Our Amazing Team

Thank you to the many volunteers that help make AnarCon an unforgettable experience! Below are points of contact who will help make sure your weekend is amazing. If you’re interested in volunteering or helping with scheduled events, please email us.


Master of Ceremonies
Your first point of contact for adventure. I'm here to make sure your cup runneth over with one of the best weekends of the year.


Burn Captain
Let's keep the fire roaring all weekend, especially on burn night. We'll need all the wood you can find for the honey badger effigy.


Chief of Security
As the great Warrior Poet, Ice Cube, once said, "If the day does not require an AK then it is good," so don't make me have to use mine on you.


Grand Pyrotechnician
Let's light up the night sky! Seek me out if you have fireworks you'd like to add to the staging area or want to help set them up.


Grand Pyrotechnician
Me and my gang are here to take you to another dimension with music. Grab your glow sticks and enjoy the laser show!


Record Keeper
Smile! I'm here to photograph amazing moments and cherishable memories. Let me know if you want your picture taken!


Emissary of Liberty
State organizer for the LP Mises Caucus of Virginia. Make sure to let him know what you think of voting! No King But Christ!
AnarCon short mockup

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