Join us for a weekend of anarchy! Let's come together as a tribe to share our stories of liberation, strategies against tyranny, and celebration of community.

Location: AnarCon will be taking place at The Cove. The beautiful 3,000 mountain acre campground includes a beach for swimming, lakes to go boating and fishing, trails for motorcycles, ATVs, mountain biking, and hiking. And if that’s not enough for you there’s also a rifle and pistol range on site! Camp VI is where we’ll be hosting our festivities for spontaneous order. It includes a stage for music and talks, washroom facilities, and room for up to 1,000 happy campers.

Activities: Lots of fun campground activities and events to dive into include fishing, swimming, a shooting range, live bands, kickball, freedom talks, workshops, an Agora Marketplace, Survival Stoicism (think Epictetus meets Fight Club), and more!


Admission: Price is the general campground admission payable at the entrance: $17 for adults and $8 for those under 12 for each 24-hour stay. There are no fees for those that want to participate in the Agora Marketplace.

Rules: This is a non-political event. The non-aggression principle with respect for property rights and self-ownership should be the only rules necessary.

Send us a message at if you would like to volunteer in any capacity to further enrich the awesomeness of this festival, or to be on the schedule for a talk, workshop, or to vend.


Live, Love, Liberate!

Program Schedule

Conference Title: Escapade Itinerary
  • Agenda: Festival Schedule


    7:30 p.m      Welcome and opening remarks.


    10:00 a.m.   Talks TBA

    Noon            Firearms Workshop 101.

    6:00 p.m.      Group photo, Liberty Stage

    8:00 p.m.      Musical guest TBA


    3:30 p.m.     Open mic talks, Liberty Stage

    6:00 p.m.     Musical guest, TBA


    Noon           Clean up

    • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
    • The Cove Campground
Conference Title: Friday Escapades
    Conference Title: Liberty Talks
      Conference Title: Panel Discussion
        Conference Title: Saturday Escapades


Venue Location

The Cove Campground

980 Cove Road,

Gore, Virginia 22637

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