Our Supporters

Message us if you want to help build a future for liberty and be added to our sponsor list to be featured on stage, the program, and our website. Sponsorship support is $100. By sponsoring AnarCon, you directly contribute to the electrifying atmosphere of the event by providing live DJs, esteemed speakers; and promotional displays that grow every year. In addition, we want to showcase your brand and recognition throughout the event. As a sponsor, you will receive:

  1. A shout-out of appreciation during the highly anticipated Liberty Talks on Saturday.
  2. Your brand will also be prominently featured on our website's Sponsors Page and in the Footer area, ensuring maximum exposure.
  3. A featured promotion in our meticulously designed program, which will be handed out to every single attendee.
  4. And there's more! We want to ensure that your promotional material reaches every attendee by including it in the coveted swag bag given to each person. If you're local to Richmond, I can come by to pick these up to be placed in the swag bag.
AnarCon shirt mockup

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