August 2nd - 4th, 2024

This is AnarCon's tentative schedule. It will continue to fill out leading up to the event, so check back often!

  • 7 PM

    Meet and Greet Mixer

    Provided by the Lysander Spooner Whiskey Brigade in memory of Champions of Liberty, Daniel Gryson and Chris Davis, all drinks are free! Come pick up your commemorative anarcon tee, too.

    • Noon - 2 PM

      AnarCon Talks

      Speaker list has started!

    • 2 PM

      Group Photo

      Meet us at the Liberty Stage right after the AnarCon Talks for a group photo to commemorate Anarcon 2023!

    • 2:30 PM

      Ron Paul Militia Meet & Greet

      Make some squad friends before range time by the campfire. A firearms safety course will be provided by our Arms Master, Bob.

    • 3 PM

      Depart For Gun Range

      Make sure to stop by the main office to pick up a $15 wristband for range access first.

      • 10 AM

        Clean Up

        Let's leave the campground the same way we found it.

        AnarCon shirt mockup

        Are you ready?

        Don't forget to grab your official AnarCon T-Shirt!