Our Guest Speakers

We've had many great speakers join us, from the great Joel Salatin, Dick Cheatham, Spike Cohen, and David Gay of Liberty Memes. Speakers will be added here as the event draws near. If there's someone you'd like to see at AnarCon, reach out to us to help make it happen.

Dick Cheatham guest speaker

Dick Cheatham

Dick Cheatham is a historian, an engaging speaker with an unusual presentation method and a former professional journalist. His specialty is illustrating contemporary utility in classic lessons from History, demonstrating how they can and should be employed in dealing with our own challenges.

AnarCon DJ Curfew

DJ Curfew

Join us deep in the heart of the enchanted forest as DJ Curfew unleashes another electrifying set under the stars. Lose yourself in the rhythm of the wilderness as Curfew takes you on a sonic journey through the night. Don't miss out on this epic night of music, magic, and adventure at AnarCon.

AnarCon DJ Lightspeed

DJ Lightspeed

Hey there, I'm DJ Lightspeed, and I'm all about good vibes, great music, and unforgettable experiences. As an underground techno DJ, my mission is to get you moving and grooving to the beat, and basking in the pure joy that music brings. That's why I'm stoked to invite you to join me at AnarCon 2023, the ultimate outdoor camping festival! From August 4th to 6th, we'll be taking over THE COVE CAMPGROUND in Gore Virginia, for three epic days of non-stop fun and incredible tunes. Whether you're a die-hard techno fan or simply love to dance, AnarCon has something for everyone. So come and soak up the sun, explore the great outdoors, and let the music fill your soul. I can't wait to see you there!

Gary R Krause

Husband, Father. Autodidactic software developer, bitcoiner, and Navy veteran. Founder of Shenandoah Bitcoin Club. Occasional Dungeon Master. Join us at AnarCon for an enlightening talk by Bitcoin expert Gary R Krause. In his presentation, "Bitcoin: Rules without Ruler - A Bitcoin 101 for Sovereign-Minded Individuals," Gary will demystify the potential of Bitcoin for those seeking financial freedom.

ANARCON Speaker-Vincent Cannizzaro

Vincent Cannizzaro

Join us for an engaging and thought-provoking talk on "Truth and Media" by Vincent Cannizzaro, a freelance journalist, and filmmaker with a passion for Liberty and Freedom. At AnarCon, Vincent will delve into the vital role of individual responsibility in demanding truth from the media we consume. Vincent's insightful discussion promises to be an eye-opening exploration of the current state of media and its impact on our society that will empower you to be a more informed media consumer.

Caryn Ann Harlos speaker

Caryn Ann Harlos

Caryn Ann has been an anarchist since July 2015 after being introduced to liberty in 2014 (it took ten months, instead of the customary six) and since that time has been advocating the ideas of a voluntary society on the national stage.  She is the current three-term National Secretary of the Libertarian Party, a registered Parliamentarian, a certified Paralegal, and the keeper of the Libertarian Party's historical archives.  Several of her essays were published in the 50th anniversary tribute book to John Hospers.

Jack Shimek Profile

Jack Shimek

Jack lives in the Free State of New Hampshire and has been involved in the freedom movement for over 5 decades. His involvement has included Objectivism, the LP, tax protest, right to travel, heath freedom, family rights, agorism and the Free State Project. His talk will be on, Building the ABC's of the Agora: Libertarians should consider a different tack towards freedom, which starts with personal liberation and develops outwards to community and freed markets.

liberty lauren speaker

Liberty Lauren

A veteran, small business owner, and former School Board Member, Lauren has traveled the country freedom fighting and protesting different crimes against humanity. While doing so she was fortunate enough to have met Ron Paul in person and kiss him on the cheek. Shout out to John Miller who sent Lauren links to Zeitgeist the movie and Ron Paul videos in 2007. Her talk is on Morality in a Secular Age: The 9 Noble Virtues of the Vikings and the Way of the Northmen, and sharing the stage with Kyle Roucis.

Kyle Roucis speaker

Kyle Roucis

A software engineer by day, and armchair philosopher the rest of the time, Kyle moved to NH for the Free State Project and has been living in freedom and liberty ever since. His talk will be on Morality in a Secular Age: The 9 Noble Virtues of the Vikings and the Way of the Northmen, and will be sharing the stage with Liberty Lauren.


Atom Jones

Atom Jones is a creative of many trades. Having worked in nearly every role on a film set, writing, producing, directing and editing. Atom attended University for graphic design, illustration and art history. He emerged from that environment loving to learn, but hating "education." Anarchy baby! His talk will be on "AI, The Truth, Liberty Activism, and the Streets." AI is an emerging force that is disrupting how people in creative and tech fields do business. However the programmers that are making AI do not believe in free speech.

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